About an hour's  journey by boat will take us to the heart of the Marine Park of Hamata where you will be sourrounded by a stunning landscape of vivid colors and unique contrasts. Our snorkeling guides will take you on trips along the stunning reef that every day offers encounters with the luxuriant life that inhabits it. The fine white sand beaches are reminiscent of the Caribbean. You will feel immersed in nature, on a wonderful, relaxing day. An excursion dedicated to all those who love dolphins. Come with us and experience the excitement of swimming with dolphins, will treasure for the rest of your life. The excursion to the Blue Lagoon is made from the shore of a bay surrounded by desert. In this wild place we will explore together the reef bustling with many forms of life and colorful corals. This is a particularly unspoilt and safe area because the seabed slopes gently and  access is from the beach.

Our Snorkeling Excursions

Hamata, a pearl in the heart of the Marine Park

Blue Lagoon

Dolphin House

Marsa Alam, Red Sea
IDive Marsa Alam Fantazia Hotel Marsa Alam, Red Sea, Egypt

Abu Dabbab

Abu Dabbab a popular , half day trip, searching for the dugong !!! In this area you can see green sea turtles with remora fish  clinging to their shells. This excursion is only 40 minutes from our hotel and the beach is equipped with bathrooms and services for improved comfort.

Sharm el Luli

A half day dedicated to all those who want to relax, but also with the opportunity to take long  walks on the white sand that surrounds this wonderful lagoon. Ideal for people who are unfamiliar with the sea where you can enjoy the magic of snorkeling in a location rich in biodiversity. Sharm el Luli awaits !!!
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